I grew up playing tennis

Back home I always had plenty of matches to play whether on the public courts at the park or through my local tennis club. But when I moved away from my hometown to start a new job in a new country, I struggled to make new friends much less find people to play a casual game of tennis with. Without getting into too much detail, I began to feel pretty depressed. I was homesick for my friend and family.   

When I moved it was fall and fall quickly became winter. The brutally cold weather meant I couldn’t just go out to a park and meet fellow players. Fortunately I had made some friends by this time thanks to my job, but I was still desperately searching for someone to play tennis with (and somewhere indoors to play it!). 

Then one day a coworker sent me a link to SportPartner and everything changed. Registration was quick, easy and within minutes I was able to peruse potential tennis partners in my local area using the Sport Roulette function. After scrolling through some potential matches, I found Jenn F. a woman a few years my junior who lived in the same part of the city as me! I approved her as a match and waited to see what happened next.

Less than 24-hours later I received a notification email for SportPartner that Jenn F. had not only approved me as a match, but she sent me a message too! After a few messages back and forth she mentioned that she had a membership at tennis club with a couple of indoor courts and invited me to play.

Since then she and I have played several times. My equipment is no longer collecting dust in the closet; I’m back on the court and I couldn’t be happier.

Best of all?—I’ve made an incredible new friend in the process.

I’m not going to say SportPartner is perfect, but it’s pretty darn good and I wouldn’t have met Jenn F. OR started playing tennis again without it (at least not this winter anyway). Thanks SportPartner, you guys are awesome!

— Erik

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