Dancer Turned Climber Thanks to SportPartner

Dancer Turned Climber Thanks to SportPartner. What’s up SportPartner Team?!?! My name is Abbey and I love your service; you guys are legit! A huge, huge, huge “thank you” for the help you guys provide all us athletes! I’ve been dancing for years (mostly hip-hop) but have desperately wanted to try something new, both within dance and outside of it. 

So I signed up for your service thinking I could use it to meet some new people who could show me some new things and that is exactly what happened! 

I matched and messaged with a bunch of people who did a number of sports that sounded really cool, but I finally settled on meeting one fellow SportPartner who was into rock climbing.

We met up at a coffee joint in the town we live in and got to know each other a little bit just to make sure we were both a) normal but also b) capable of spending time together in real life, not just messaging on SportPartner :-)

Anyway, when we met for coffee we had a G-R-E-A-T conversation and totally hit it off. 
We’re planning to go climbing at some point in the next couple weeks at an indoor gym and then – after I learn the ropes (literally and figuratively, haha) we’re going to head to the mountains and try something outside!

But that’s not all!!! Remember how I said I wanted to learn something new inside dance as well?

Well one of the people I was matched with happened to practice and teach ballet!

Now, it’s not like I had never tried ballet before but the last time I slipped into the slippers I was a little girl which –without dating myself too much – was over 20 years ago. We scheduled a time to meet at a studio we’d both used before and I had an incredible time. Trying ballet again for the first time in two decades was a riot! So much fun! And in exchange for walking me through the basics of ballet, I showed her some hip-hop moves! 

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for providing this service, it’s been a great asset for me.


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