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SportPartner offers a Basic Membership which is entirely free! It gives you the opportunity to have a look around on the SportPartner website and get familiar with the way it's set up. You can view all profiles and even show your interest in other members. Only to send and read personal messages, SportPartner asks for a Premium Membership fee. But you'll never be caught in some annoying contract, since there is no (!) notice period for cancelling your membership.

  Basic (free) Premium
Create profile
Create search profile
Search and view matches
View profiles
Show interest
Send foto request
Choose favourite matches
View profile visitors
Read incoming messages
Top ranking in others' search results
Answer incoming messages
How much is it?

After a free trial with the Basic Membership, you can decide whether you want to become a Premium Member, for which we ask a membership fee. This is the only way to ensure the quality of the SportPartner website and to continuously attract new members, which guarantees enough possible matches for everybody. SportPartner tries to keep its membership fees as low as possible, and comparative studies show that our website is one of the cheapest of its kind. You can choose between 1, 3, 6 or 12 months membership.

  Fee per month
1 month £ 12.95
3 months £ 9.95
6 months £ 7.95
12 months £ 3.95
Am I caught in some contract?

No, of course not! SportPartner has no notice period for cancelling memberships. So you don't have to give us a heads-up 30 days in advance, for example. Just a simple email whenever you want, is enough. We only renew your membership for the amount of months you chose when you signed up the first time (e.g. 3 months or 6 months). And if we don't receive any more payments from your side, your membership will be automatically cancelled. SportPartner has existed for almost 10 years already, and it works!


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