There Are Huge Differences Between Bikes

There are many people who believe that if you pay more for a bike, then you’re a fool, you’re doing it only to brag. The main thing you should know about bicycles is that they not only take you from point A to point B. They are real vehicles and there are huge differences between different products. You should invest in a decent bike in order to have high expectations. There are a lot of cyclists who think that a $100-bike is the same as a $1200-bike. In reality, it’s like the difference between a Mercedes and a car manufactured by a Third World country.

I bought my previous bike from a guy that had held it in a garage for two years. One year later, I could only use the frame. I invested a lot of money into creating a proper bicycle for me. That’s because the difference stays in details and quality.

Thus, the quality of a decent bike is mostly reflected by the price. Quality can be summarized by how many miles you can ride without making any adjustments or major repairs. Cheap materials mean short life expectance for your bike, while expensive frames and accesories equal a thousand miles more

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Choose A Suitable Bike For The City You Live In

Recently I noticed that folding bikes are the new trend in my city. However, I ride a mountain-bike because I live in a ”tough” neighbourhood and I need to avoid the holes in the asphalt. I once had the ”pleasure” of riding straight over some holes masked by the rain water and I almost cracked my skull. A too frail bicycle will be useless after some ”stunts” like this one.

There are so many types of bicylcles to choose from. If you ride long distances, train for triathlons and enjoy the asphalt, choose a triathlon/race bike. It is the most agile, but not the most comfortable. It is rather for adrenaline junkies. However, the speed and the pleasure of hitting the road early in the morning on one of these bikes is amazing.

On the other hand, if you ride 5 miles to work every morning, choose one that won’t let you down after a few months and that is comfortable enough. Win in strength, weight, comfort and maneuverability with a mountain-bike. It comes with 26 to 29 inch wheels, another frame geometry and uses more solid tires and rims.

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Full Suspension Really Helps

A few years ago I used to have a hardtail MTB. Riding straight over a hole created a real earthquake for my senses. Then I understood that I needed a FULL SUSPENSION bike.

The choice is yours to make. If you’re going for casual shifts in the mountains or ride on forest roads, I would say that the full suspension should be your pick. It offers much more comfort and moves easily over obstacles. That full suspension really helps.

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What You Should Know About Bike Rims

Bike rims can be made of steel, aluminium or carbon. Aluminium wheels are lighter, they can be repaired without much hassle and provide a more efficient braking and do not oxidize. Modern bike rims are made of extruded aluminium (half melted aluminium, forced through a slot that is shaped in the profile of the future wheel). Carbon bike rims are used in competitions and are fragile and very expensive.

 Bike rims. What do you need to know about them.

Did You Know About the Luxurious Material In Bike Industry?

Bike frames can be made of steel (Personally, I haven’t seen much of these lately), aluminium (It is the most common material, and the cost of manufacturing is low, but offers a limited life time), or carbon (Expensive material with high resistance – perfect for competitions). And there’s titanium (The luxurious material of bycicles). It is lightweight, elastic and highly resistant, both mechanically and in time. However, the cost of this material is exorbitant.

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The Brakes Are The Most Important Accessory

I have always been terrified of those bikes with non-operating brakes. Don’t play with such kind of things, those brakes will save your life. I remember one time when I was riding to the Hospital (I’m a future doctor) and one guy didn’t see me coming. My obsession with having perfect brakes saved my life. And I will save other lives in the future...

 Bike brakes with city lights in the background.

How To Choose The Right Bike Depending On Your Height

If you are…

  • 170 cm tall – you will need a 50 or XS frame size for a road bike and a 14 frame size for a MTB
  • Between 170-175 cm tall – you will need a 52 or S frame size for a road bike and a 16 frame size for a MTB
  • Between 175-180 cm tall – you will need a 54-56 or M frame size for a road bike and 18 frame size for a MTB
  • Between 180-185 cm tall – you will need a 56-58 or M-L frame size for a road bike and a 19 frame size for a MTB
  • Between 185-190 cm tall – you will need a 58-60 or L frame size for a road bike and a 20-21 frame size for a MTB
  • Over 195 cm tall – you will need a 62 or XL frame size for a road bike and up to 22 for a MTB
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