There is more to Golf than Eighteen Holes

At some point in time, we have all been new to this wonderful sport of ours. I was new to it, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy were, at one point in time, beginners, hacking their way around a course.

Whoever we are talking about, which ever golfer, from the professionals down to the regularly playing amateurs, have one thing in common.

They did not start their love of golf out there, somewhere between the sixth and seventh hole of the eighteen hold course they were members of. That is, simply put, not the way it works. It may sound disappointing, but when you are first learning to play golf, there are a great many things that should be done, experienced and mastered – to a rookie level – before you even contemplate heading out into the golfing yonder.

Pyramid of golf balls on a practice range

A Golfer is Forged on the Practice Grounds

If you want to take your golf game seriously, you need to pay your dues. You need to hit the practice ground and just swing.

Whether you have a fancy new range with automated tees, or machines that dispense the practice materials by the bucket, or have an old fashioned, open field and a plastic tube filled with balls you need to retrieve yourself, the practice ground should be your home as a golfing novice.

If you ask me, the manual practice grounds are the best. The desire to master your swing, to progress and develop your game is strengthened immeasurably by the knowledge that you have to walk and get your own balls.

There are 14 clubs in your set, and each one requires something different. They length of the club will impact your stance, the position of the ball and the shape of the hole will impact the swing you use. Each of these clubs needs to be practiced, and tweaked and practiced some more, until using them is second nature.

Teeing off is Important but Closing the Deal is Vital

When I was learning to play, there was only one other place that you would find me at my local course. If I was not out on the range, I would be on the putting green. Practicing my long shots, my tap ins, and those confidence breaking three foot putts. You know the ones. The shots that you know you should be making every time.

Learning how to hit a straight tee-shot is one thing, but you will never shoot under par if you do not spend the time mastering the putt. Closing off a hole in style can not only save your score, but it will give your confidence a boost that will impact your whole game.

 golf ball on the edge of the cup

With your Confidence Growing, You Can Hit the Course

Once you have your swing under control, and know how to judge the distance of your shots, you will be in the perfect position to head out onto the course. Don’t get your hopes up however. I am not saying you are ready for the full course, but rather, you are ready to hit the short course. The 9-hole par-3 course. These are the perfect place to fine tune your short game. Your approach play and your putting. The key components to any successful game.

I spent countless hours, every Saturday morning for years, playing the same nine holes. I mastered my own game on that short course, and it is the same way you should look to master yours.

 Practice range golf balls

You do not need to face this Challenge Alone

I urge you all to take heart in the fact that you are not alone in this. You are not the only golfer who is learning their craft. Playing with a partner is another fantastic way to improve your game. From the practice grounds and greens, to the Par-3 course and eventually the full 18-hole Par 72 courses, having a partner there by your side will ensure that you keep your wits about you.

From exchanging tips and pointers, to pointing out errors, and eventually, simply providing a challenge with their presence, a playing partner will help you bring your golf game to that next level, as well as making it a far more entertaining experience.

Golf is not an easy game to master, and going it alone makes it a real challenge, so why not share the joy with a friend. It will make the good times sweeter, and the bad times less so. A real life, win-win situation.

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