The Best Equipment When Learning to Play Tennis

It does not matter how old you are, when you are learning to play a new sport, it is important to ensure you arm yourself with the correct equipment for the sport you are going to play.

Tennis is a fast paced game, and having the right equipment to suit your skill set.

Even a Beginner needs an Experienced Racket

When you first start looking for a Tennis Racket, it is easy to find yourself staring at the beginners sets, comparing the prices of the budget rackets. Why spend a lot of money on a starter set, right? Wrong.

When you are learning to play tennis, it is actually important that you start off by equipping yourself with a good, modern ‘generation’ tennis racket.

The modern rackets are made to a technological standard that actually helps your game. This makes them the perfect accompaniment to your game. When you are first starting out, anything that helps you is going to work to your advantage.

 Tennis Rackets and Tennis Balls

High Quality does not a Mean High Price

While it may be important to ensure that you have a good tennis racket in your hands when you take to the courts, it does not have to break the bank. You can pick up a good quality tennis racket of a fair price.

A Wilson Nr. 1 tennis racket is one of the better choices for beginner tennis players. It is a lighter weight and has a larger head than many of its direct competitors. This plays perfectly into the beginner’s game plan.

A Tennis Racket, Will Always be by your Side

A tennis racket is a personal choice. The more advanced you become in your play, it is important to understand that your racket becomes part of your game. It is irreplaceable, from the tensile strength of the strings, to the flex in the shaft, your game grows to meet your racket and you will become inseparable. There is another piece of equipment that you simply cannot play the game without, and which also needs serious consideration.

Tennis Shoes for all Occasions

Unlike your racket, which forms part of your game, the shoes you are wearing form an even more interesting, and important connection. The surface you are playing on, be it grass, hard court, clay or gravel, will play differently. It is suited to different styles, and will undoubtedly influence the way your game develops. Not with regards your progression, but rather to the style of your play.

 Woman playing tennis

Suiting up on Game Day

As a beginner, learning how to play tennis, it is important that you prepare yourself fully before taking the court. A good pair of shoes is not only important, but vital. This is one area where there is something other than technology that needs to be considered.

The surface you are playing on will impact the sort of shoes you are going to look at buying, but on top of that, your feet will also tell you if the shoes you have chosen are the right ones for you. Feet are sensitive, they need to be comfortable in the shoes that contain them.

Tennis shoes should be flexible, enough to stand up to the demands of the pace of the game, the changes of direction, but also durable enough to cope with the sudden stop of a lunge or the slide to reach the ball.

A softer, and more durable sole is important for the softer surfaces, like gravel, but a hard sole and good shock absorption is the best for the hard court games.

Lacing up some Tennis Shoes

Two Pairs of Shoes Cover All Occasions.

I am not saying that you need to have an entire cupboard filled with shoes and pairs for all occasions, but a couple of pairs sure wouldn´t hurt. You are playing this game against others, and there is no guarantee that the surface will always be the same. By arming yourself with a good pair of shoes for hard surfaces and then a second pair for the softer surfaces, will mean you are always prepared to give your tennis partner a good game.


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