The Basic Strokes to Master When Playing Tennis

If you are interested in learning to play tennis, or are already playing and looking to make the most out of the opportunities you are given, it is crucial to ensure that you develop a rounded game.

Playing at an amateur level, it is vital that you have a basic understanding of the key strokes. This will ensure you have a good base set from which to build your skill levels, as well as ensuring that you are more than able to hold your own on the court.

After all, it is not much fun to be able to hit a great serve but nothing else after that. It isn’t fun for you to play the game that way, and it is also not much fun for your opponent.

We are all amateurs here, we are looking to meet new people and find tennis partners to enjoy not only the game, but the interaction that goes with it.

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Learning to Serve is a Good Start

While it may not be important to have a big booming serve that will see the ball sail past your opponent without offering them so much as a chance, it is not the way most of us will end up going about things. Having a good first serve is crucial, and for amateurs even more so. Just focus on a smooth swing and keeping the ball in play.

In addition, while learning to serve, it is also important that you learn to read the way the ball is travelling. The return is a shot in itself. There are many strokes that you can call upon, and being able to read your own serve and see the potential returns you will face, will mean you are stood in good stead for a fun rally.

To Double Up or Keep it Single

In the right hands, a good backhand stroke can easily be both a game, set and match winner. When learning to play tennis it is easy to see why you may be convinced that you should learn one way to playing the backhand first. Perhaps the single handed return is easiest, because you don’t need to adjust your grip for the second hand on the racket.

It has been my experience that there is no need for an amateur playing tennis to learn the back hand based around anything other than what is more comfortable for them. Some of you will play a game that naturally lends itself to the double handed grip, while others will keep it single handed.

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A Strong Forehand to Keep them on their Toes

There can be no denying that a good forehand stroke is one of the most basic fundamentals that you can have in your tennis playing arsenal. It is a strong shot that fires the ball back at your opponent and when used well, can ensure you dictate the style and tempo of the game. As amateurs, we are not looking to make our opponent chase everything like a dog with a stick, but it is a good way to control your game and dictate the tempo.

Working on your forehand strokes will help you develop of good, solid foundation for tennis success.

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Hulk Likes to Smash

The overhead stroke can be a hard one to master. As amateurs the temptation to give in to the red mist that descends and try to knock the fur from the ball is hard to resist. However, as an amateur playing tennis, this is not the way a tennis stroke such as this should be played.

The overhead, smashed is, of course, about power, to a degree. It is a strong shot to play and makes an impression on your opponent, but please, make sure you spend more energy on placement than anything else.

A Volley Is a Simple Shot to Learn

But a hard one to master. Don’t fret. As beginners, we are not expected to, and nor should we expect from ourselves, that we will be able to hit stunning volleys across the court with so much spin that even Usain Bolt would struggle to catch the shot before the second bounce. That being said, however, the basic volley stroke is an important one to learn when you are starting to play tennis.

Quick reactions are needed and a quick mind also. Knowing when to use the volley shot and when to steer clear of it, is a far more important trait to learn than anything else. Learn the volley, and uses it wisely.

Learn the Basics for the Best Results.

I know what you are thinking. This was an article about learning the basics of the game, and it seems as if I have gone through every shot in the book. However, that is far from the case. Tennis is a game that consists of a few shots, but many different ways to play them. Mastering the basic shots is the sure fire way to set yourself as a solid amateur tennis player, and also to ensure you have a good time playing. Pick your opponents and get out on the court. Let the experience and fun guide you. Improvement will come with time, and as long as you have fun, you are doing everything right in my book.


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