The Advantages of The Different Tennis Serves

In my previous post, I wrote all about the four different types of serve that exist when playing tennis. Today I want to take it a little further. I want to look at each serve in turn and talk about the pros and cons of each, and when you should look to play them.

Not every tennis serve is suited to a first serve. Some are far better used as a reserve, second serve. I also want to draw your attention to the weaknesses of each serve. Nothing is invincible, nothing is perfect. Each of the four main tennis serves have as many disadvantages as it does advantages.

Pros and Cons of the Flat Serve

The flat serve is one of the simplest serves to learn. It is straight forward with no fancy movements. This is, for amateur tennis players such as you and I, one of the biggest advantages of this particular tennis serve. The kick serve is also a fast serve. The speed at which the ball comes to you if you are the recipient of such a serve of visa-versa if you are the server, means reaction times are reduced.

For amateurs playing tennis this means we lack the time to think about the shot and must rely on instinct and while we might get the return in, we lose a degree of control over the rest of the tally.

The biggest disadvantage of using the flat tennis serve as a way to start your service game, is that for amateurs it can be hard to control, and so the percentages of services in play could be relatively low. Don’t forget that if you are playing someone who is a more experienced tennis player, then they are likely to get a return over the net to you, making use of the speed you generate, while adding some of their own into the mix.

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The Highs and Lows of the Kick Serve

The kick serve is a nice one. Not a great first serve, the kick serve is the perfect partner to the flat serve, because it is a safe second tennis serve to fall back on.

The biggest advantage of using it is that the ball bounces nice and high and bounces the opposite way to the direction it is heading when it hits the ground. It gets your opponent moving and gives you a nice controlled way to build a point winning rally.

If you are a serve volley style tennis player, then the natural flow of the game when you use the kick tennis serve is well suited to your style.

The being said, it is a hard serve to learn, certainly not one for the newcomers to the court. Also, should you be playing someone who is used to taking the shot on the upward portion of the bounce, then the turn you generate with this serve is reduced, making is simple to get a return fired back your way.

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Knowing When to Use a Top Spin Tennis Serve

I mentioned in my previous post that the Top Spin serve is a rescue serve, a good tennis serve to pull out of the bag when you are struggling with form and need to get a few points under your belt. Well, the reason for the top spin serve being the weapon of choice is because, while it is very easy to learn, it delivers a high bounce and can be a very difficult sever for your opponent to attack. Thus, should the return come your way, you will still be the one calling the shots.

However, while it may be difficult to attack, the top spin tennis serve is easy to recognize and therefore it is easy to return. While you retain control, every extra shot you play is an extra chance of producing an error or encouraging a winner to come back to you.

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The Slice Serve Has a Good and a Bad Side.

When watching tennis matches, you are probably already somewhat adept at picking out the slice serve as it is played. Think about that. If you can pick out a tennis serve while watching a tennis competition from home, the more experienced players on court will also be able to see it coming. That is what holds the slice tennis serve back from being a world beater. It is very easy to read. However, to combat that, it is a consistent serve, one that will give you a good feel and a confident mindset ahead of the game.

The better you are at hitting the slice tennis serve, the more power you can get on it, and the more you can make your opponent move, so while they may return it to you, if you hit it well, your opponent could be off the court leaving you with all of the space in the world to his your return back to them.

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Tennis Serves are Yours to Use

There is no one magical serve, one single way of playing a tennis shot that will see you gain the upper hand. It is a question of technique, and comfort. Some serves will be more naturally suited to your own style of play. However, being able to hit any of them when called upon stands in your favor and will give you a good arsenal from which you can build your game.


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