Keeping Fit While Playing Tennis

As amateur tennis players, we are not always out there looking for the chance to win trophies or to find ourselves among the top amateur ranks.

No, for most people, people like you and me, we are playing tennis as a way to keep ourselves in shape. To get fit, have fun and maybe shed a few of those extra pounds that we have been carrying around for so long.

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What Make Tennis So Good for You?

The thing about tennis is that it is a full body workout. Now, I know what you are going to say. Swimming and other sports, like football or hockey are also full body sports. You are running and moving and thinking, but, let’s be honest. There are times when playing both ball sports that you are not fully engaged. That you are walking or sometimes even standing still, waiting. That doesn’t happen in tennis. When you are playing tennis, you are always moving. You are always on your feet, running and moving, twisting and turning. Swinging the racket, moving for forehands and backhands, volleys and slices. There is a constant pressure and a constant movement in the core. It is this aspect of playing tennis that makes it such a great way for everyday folk like us, to keep fit and healthy.

How Many Calories Can I Burn?

When looking at playing a sport in the name of keeping fit, there is always a question that rings out louder than the rest. How many calories will I burn doing this? As amateur tennis players we have chosen the sport because we know it is good for us, because we enjoy playing it and understand that we will be able to get all of the exercise requirements we could need from a single game. However, understanding and being able to measure the benefits of playing the sport is interesting, and important to some.

Even an amateur tennis player can expect to burn 300 calories in a half an hour of playing tennis. Now this may not sound like much, but, tennis often lasts longer than a mere thirty minutes, and more than that, it is the high impact nature of the workout that brings out the true reward.

If you could conceivably agree with your tennis partner to play twice a week, then you are burning close to 2400 calories a week just from playing tennis. That comes close to one pound of far, just from the calories burned, and we all know that the calorie burn and weight loss is about more than just that.

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Good for your Heart, Good for Your Soul

Another great benefit of playing tennis, is that through the high impact nature of the sport, you are reducing your risk of heart disease. Through burning calories, getting your blood pumping and playing the game, you will reduce stress levels, thus reducing your blood pressure, which are two key components that contribute to an elevated chance of heart disease in later life.

If that isn’t a great motivator to get out on the court and work up a sweat, then I don’t know what is. I’m not saying tennis will make you invulnerable, but it will certainly work in your favor.

What’s Good for the Body is Good for the Mind

Another major health benefit that we amateur tennis players can get from the sport is a better brain. It may sound silly, but it is true. Our brain is an organ, and it is facilitated in its processes by electrical impulses. To avoid boring you with a lesson in body chemistry, I will leave it at this: The brain is filled with connectors that help keep things running smooth. The stronger these connections are, the better we, as humans, run.

Tennis is a sport that engages the mind just as much as it does the body. The benefit of this being, the repetition of a task develops stronger connections between the brain and the body. Finding new ways of doing the task develops new connectors, all heading towards the same goal. Tennis strongly stimulates both scenarios and ensure that we stay in top show and condition from the inside out.

It has been proven that keeping a healthy brain through regular exercise, we can improve memory, stimulate learning and even aid us in the way we interact with one another on a social level.

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Tennis is the Total Health Package

Playing tennis is the ultimate package. It is the best way to keep in shape on both the outside and the inside. Training the mind and body not only to an intense level, but in a way that sees both getting equal treatment; stimulating each other to ensure that progress is pushed that little further than we could do alone.

Above all of that, playing tennis is a great way to enjoy life and have a good time getting fit. You never play a game without a smile, or without feeling the weight of the day, or days since you last played, lifting from your shoulders and floating away from you.

So grab your rackets, lace your shoes and grab your partner by the hand. A few quick games or maybe a whole set could be just what the doctor ordered.


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