Golf It's A Family Affair

Playing golf is a great way for you to not only get your exercise in for the day / week, depending on how often you play, but it is also a fun and friendly way to stay close to your family.

When you are out there playing a round of golf it is just you, them and the open course. This does depend to a certain degree on the course you are a member of, but for me, some of my best memories were forged out on a golf course with my father and my grandfather. 

Scenic picture of a golf course

The family that plays golf together...

Growing up, playing golf was a staple of my childhood. It was a routine. Every Saturday I would have a golf lesson and then once it was over, I would hang around the course, playing the pitch and putt, or working on my game over on the putting green… and yes, I caused my fair share of hell too, but I couldn’t possibly tell you about that.

The best days, however, were the ones that saw my father and grandfather join me after the golf lesson. We would suit up and head out onto the ‘big course.’ The 18 hole, Par 72 beast. I was a fully paid up member, but didn’t have a handicap back then. It didn’t matter that I shot 110 some rounds, because I was a kid, and I was out there with the adults, and I was playing their game. 

Golf ball on grass

One of the Gang.

I said that I was playing their game. With this I mean that I was one of them. I was not their son or grandson. I was a playing partner. We played our round, we talked, we laughed, and yes, the three of us caused a little bit of hell together. What can I say, I am a bad influence on them all.

They were some of the best days of my life, out there on the course, all familial ties shaken loose. It is funny, looking back that these times made us stronger, made our bond that much tighter.

I would try my best to play with them, to make my game as good as theirs. They were amateur golfers too. Mid to high handicap, but to me, they were the idols. The people I learned from. Watching them, listening to their advice out on the course probably taught me more than anything about playing golf.

Golf course at sunset

Time Change and People Grow.

As I got older, playing golf on a Saturday got harder and harder. I was at school long days during the week, had a job on the weekends and was busy exploring life with my friends.

But I never stopped playing golf. The strong bonds that we had formed when I was young remained strong.

At least twice a week I would get off the bus at school early, and head to my grandparent’s house. There I would be greeted with coffee and biscuits and then my grandfather and I would head to the course. We would either play the nine-hole pitch and putt, or we would head onto the main course and play a few simple holes. The course I played was set in a way that meant we could play holes 1, 2, 3, 4, and then 9. It was perfect in the late afternoon. 

image of a golf fairway

Memories are Forged and Last Forever

I will never forget those days. The late summer sun setting on us as we made our way to the ninth tee. We could do the same on the back nine, playing holes 10 through 14, before cutting behind the 18th green back to the changing rooms.

As I sit here writing this, living not just in a different town, but a different country, I get messages that my grandfather is sick. He no longer plays golf, he hasn’t for some years, but I would give anything to be able to head home and play just one more round with him. Even just those short five holes beneath the setting summer sun.

Those are the memories I will cherish. They are what playing golf means to me now, and what it will always mean to me. 


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