Golf: A Fun Way to 10k a Day

I have spent the last few posts talking about the start of your golf game; the time you spend on the tee. Now, in the coming weeks, I am going to be writing posts in a series, so that we can take a closer look at certain elements of playing gold. Looking at everything from gold equipment through to the best golf techniques, but today I want to take a step back and talk about something a little more general.

I am sure you have all heard about the theory of ten thousand steps a day. Well, did you know that a game of golf is the perfect way to set yourself on the road to your 10k. 

How You Hit The Ball Determines How Far You Walk

As amateur golfers, we do not hit every fairway, or every green in regulation. We will have good holes and bad holes. Holes where we spray the ball from one side to the other, flirt with the rough and find ourselves spending so much time in the sand, we consider adding a bucket and spade to our golf equipment arsenal.

Keeping that in mind, it is easy for us to deduce that the average round of gold will come close to six miles, which is a more than the five miles that most people say makes the ten thousand steps. 

Golf Ball on Tee

Taking a Cart or Following The Paths Mean You Walk Less

Of course, there are different ways of walking a golf course. You could walk it, carry your bag or push a trolley. Maybe you have a golf cart that you use when playing golf. Depending on the weather conditions it could be that you only walk along the indicated paths, or perhaps, you just play the round of your life and hit everything as sweet as you could pray for. The total distance you would could vary.

I would guess from anything between four miles for those that ride a gold cart the whole round, through to the full six miles that I mentioned above. Even so, walking four miles during a single round of golf is a big chunk of the 10k requirement.

On top of that, playing golf gives you some extra levels of exercise because until when you take a regular walk, you are twisting and turning your torso. You are coiling yourself and unleashing with your core. You are using muscles that serve a greater purpose in our overall well being. Sure, they help our golf game, but the additional benefits associated with walking and the motions of playing golf are even greater.

Golf Ball by the hole.

Get Your 10,000 Steps Without Going Out of Your Way

Let us not forget that walking for 5 miles takes work. It is something you need to set aside time to do. Not many of us can say our daily lives allow us to walk that distances. Playing a round of golf is a fun and effective way to not only his the ten thousand steps, but to do it in one go, more often than not in the company of good friends.

I am becoming more and more devoted to this 10k notion, and while I cannot find anything that clinically proves this is the right amount to move, it is a nice round number. Forget about calories (for now) and forget about the walk. Just get out there, play a round or two a week and enjoy yourself. Play golf safe in the knowledge that you are getting a number of secondary benefits also.

For many, golf is a family sport. I grew up playing golf with my father, grandfather and uncle, while my grandmother also played for a number of years. I’m sure you can see where I am going with this, but playing golf as a family can also help accomplish many things. Besides the playing of the game, it gets everybody outside, it gets you all in the fresh air, and gets each and every one of you on the trail to ten thousand without even noticing it. 

Golfer mid swing

The Secondary Benefit Of Playing Golf

I’m not trying to convince people who do not play golf to take it up solely for this sub-benefit, I mean we all know, once the golf bug has bitten you, there is no turning back.

My intention is just to use this article to highlight the fact that getting those ten thousand steps can be easy when you combine it with something that you already do.

For those out there who find it difficult to get game time, it might also serve as a nice excuse. I need to go get my 10,000 steps in for the day that sounds much more convincing to the non-golfers out there. But please, you didn’t hear that from me. 


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