Five Reasons to Walk With a Partner

Walking alone can be fun. It gives you time to think and mull over things. As Charles Dickens said:

It is not easy to walk alone in the country without musing upon something

But many times it’s great to have someone to walk with (you know that, that’s why you’re on Sportpartner, right?)

What do you get from walking with someone else?



This is the number one reason that many of us like walking with a partner. It’s just NICE to have someone to talk to, share stories with and have a laugh and a joke with. It somehow makes a tough walk pass more quickly, and also gives someone to sit in the pub with at the end of the day, drink in hand, going over the day’s events. Spending a few hours on a long walk with someone means you get to know each other well quite quickly, and pushing together through challenges develops a deep and worthwhile relationship, whether that’s friendship (I won’t say “just” friendship, a good friendship is a wonderful thing) or something else (see Romance, below).

Photographing each other. Courtesy of Fritz photography via Flickr


Having someone else along with you feels and is safer. In case of accidents (which of course aren’t going to happen), there’s someone with you to administer first aid or get help. You’ll also feel safer with a companion – especially if you’re a woman who walks alone (anyone else know that feeling where someone passes you and smiles, and after smiling back you walk on wondering if they’re an axe murderer that’s following you now?). It’s important when you walk with someone that “bravado” doesn’t set in. Never do something dangerous or outside your skill set just to show off. And NEVER rely on your buddy’s skills of navigation etc. until you know them really well – they may not be as good as they say – or think - they are!



If you decide on a walk and look out the window in the morning to mist and drizzle, it’s all too tempting to climb back into your warm bed instead. But if you’ve arranged to meet your walking buddy, you’re much more likely to get up and take on the walk. And when you’re actually walking, a buddy can make you push yourself on rather than give up when the going gets a bit tough. Even if they don’t say anything, no one likes to lose face in front of someone. If you’re walking with someone you “like”, you’ll keep going because you want to impress them!

New Experiences

Your walk partner may know walks you don’t know about, and take you into unknown territory. On your own, it’s easy and comfortable to stick to your own well-trodden routes. They might also have skills you don’t that they can teach you as you walk. Or they might just bring something to the walk that you don’t expect – can they name the birds you see, or the flower growing underfoot that you’ve never known its name? And you can do the same – it’s always nice to get a chance to shine, and to introduce someone to a walk or a view you love that they’ve never experienced before.

Flowers. Courtesy of Family Allaway via Flickr


Sportpartner ISN’T a dating site. But some people will be looking for someone who, as well as sharing all the above with, they just might develop a romantic relationship with. Finding a partner with similar interests to you is so important if you want it to turn into a fulfilling long-term relationship. People who go to the trouble with registering for a site like this are genuine – it’s not the “I love walking on the beach and nights in front of a cosy fire” talk of dating sites. Walking together can quickly let you know whether someone is “right” for you, the way they treat you, the way they deal with the challenges, and the conversations you have. Romance can blossom step by step!

Romantic couple. Photo courtesy of Freungg's photos via Flickr

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