Winter is the Worst

Winter is a difficult time for everyone.

The weather is miserable, the days are shorter and the motivation for working out is generally removed.

However, winter doesn’t need to be an exercise-free season. With a little effort and focus, you can not only keep your awesome figure during colder months, but improve upon it.

How, you ask?—Well, I’m here to tell you. 

Find a Source of Motivation

A source of motivation is going to be the most fundamental and, ultimately, the most important aspect of remaining motivated during the winter months.

The more specific and reasonable you can make the source of motivation the better.

Try setting up weekly micro goals for the winter season like “going to the gym three times per 7-day week” or “I am going to do 50 pushups a-day.” These goals are both easily measurable and achievable.

Use a calendar or employ reminders within your smart phone to create a self-accountability loop. This loop will help ensure you stay on target in meeting your micro goals.

Find Ways to Exercise

Is the weather outside wet, cold and otherwise unappealing?

Does the idea of a joining a gym sound terrible for either financial or social reasons?

No problem.

There are plenty of exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home or at the office during the course of the day at work. Search Google for a list of ideas or simply get creative and do something that allows you to get a burn.

Here are some of my favorite exercises:

  • 200 body-weight squats in less than 10 minutes
  • 100 pushups in less than 5 minutes
  • 5 sets, 1-minute planks in less than 8 minutes
  • 3 sets, 2-minutes of burpees in less than 8 minutes

If you need something more regimented, try searching YouTube for a free program that offers an array of exercises.

We recommend the X-Hit workout series featuring Rebecca Louise. Not only are her courses simple and straightforward, but they require very little in the way of time or physical space. To sample one of her videos, click here.

Don’t confine yourself to “traditional” exercise either. Feel free to break-free from cultural constraints and think outside-the-box.

Take the stairs to get to your apartment or office rather than the elevator.

Get rid of your chair at work and try a standing desk.

Do whatever it takes to keep the calories burning.

Don't Forget About Diet

No that doesn’t mean you need to go on a diet, you just need to keep it on your mind.

One of the reasons people tend to get out-of-shape during the winter months is because they:

  1. Pay less attention to what goes into their bodies.
  2. Exercise less but they don’t eat less.

To help account for this without going on a traditional diet, try taking one of these action steps:

  • Stop Drinking Fruit Juice

Fruit juice may provide people with a source of vitamins, but it also provides them with a hazardous amount of unnecessary sugar. Eliminating fruit juice from your winter diet will help keep calories down. Try eating more whole, fresh fruit to supplement any vitamin loss.

  • Go Big For Breakfast

Make breakfast the biggest meal of the day. Not only will you feel “fuller,” but you’ll speed up your metabolism as well.

  • Drink More Cold Water

When you drink cold water, your body is forced to expend energy to warm the water up to a digestible temperature. That energy comes at the expense of calories.

  • Watch the Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates – the kind found in bread, pasta and most flour-based goods – are converted to simple sugars when ingested. Simple sugars mean high blood-sugar levels and high-blood sugar levels hinder rather than help fitness. Try eating wild-rice, lentils and beans instead.


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