An Eye for the Ladies

As a male, there is nothing I envisage more on the golf course than creaming a 300-yard drive, and slamming my second shot onto the green for two on the longest par-5 my course has to offer. It is who we see the game played. The professionals that we all turn to when watching golf do the same thing. Whether you are from the McIlroy, Woods, or Daly generation, big, powerful drives and strong approaches are what the game is made from. That is how we see it being played.

Yet, that is not what golf is really about. Sacrificing accuracy for distance, that is a risky tactic, which, even for the big names, can easily result in them having what we then label, an ‘off-day’.

As amateur golfers, we are much better turning our eyes towards the LPGA. The women’s approach to the game is not only one that is actually more interesting to watch, but it provides us with far more learning opportunities, and more closely mirrors the way we should play the game.

Golfer playing a stroke

Play Smart, Not Strong

Let’s all be honest, not many of us have the strength to hit those big drives time after time. We struggle for the consistent game that is needed to even stand half a chance of getting away with playing the power game. When the ladies are on the tee, they are not looking to know the spots off the ball, rather, they are looking to hit the ball as far as they can, but without sacrificing accuracy. In short, when playing golf, women look to play not to the limits of their strength, but the limit of their accuracy.

This does not just apply to the tee, but every shot on the course.

Step Away from the Driver.

There are lots of ways to re-educate yourself on the manner in which you play the game. For me, dumping my driver for a few rounds was a real help. Knowing that I could not hit the big shot without my driver, I automatically started playing a more sensible game. It might not work the same way for you, but just keep in mind that there is more to a good drive than just thumping the ball as far as you can. The very first round, I shaved two shots from my scorecard, and, had I been looking at it from such an analytic perspective, my fairway percentage was through the roof.

 Female Golfer Putting

Get to Know Your Wedges and Putter

When watching women play golf, even the stars the LPGA, their game is ground based. They are not, for the most part, hitting big approach shots, hoping that the ball sticks to the green. They play short, and have the confidence in their short game to get the ball close to the pin. They are strong with their putters, and confident in making the birdies, and pars with their short game, with their accuracy, rather than their power. Clubs like your wedges and your putters are not in your bag for power, but for finesse. Learning to use them more, will also see you start playing a more sensible, ground based game.

 Female Golfer

Stop Trying to Play the Hero

I don’t know about you, but as a male golfer, when I hit a bad shot, and see my ball either bounce, or, more likely, fly into the rough, or a bunker, I want to do nothing better than cream that little round sucker as far as I can. I want to play the hero and rescue my hole with one big burst of power. That is wrong, that is not how we should play our game. Once again, we can turn our attention to the ladies game. They will not try to make up for distance out of the rough, or a bunker. They will play it safe, making sure that they were out of danger and well placed to play the following shot. They rely on their game to save the hole, rather than a single heroic effort.

It’s Time to Start Playing like a Girl.

The idea of following the woman’s game has been employed by coaches for many years, as they try to encourage everybody, from youngsters to retirees, to play a sensible game. Watching the pros is all well and good, but there comes a time when you need to start playing the way that will help you, rather than discourage you.

The other secret truth about it is that, as a male, your swing carries more power to it. You swing faster. Now, I am not comparing use average Joe’s to the LPGA stars, but you know what I am saying. Relax on the course, play for accuracy and not only will your confidence grow, and your score shrink, but you will naturally start hitting the ball further and further. Progression is always important, but make sure you are doing it the right way.

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