8 Things to Do to Get Your Stolen Bike Back

So your bike has been stolen. When you get over that initial disbelief—and the punched-in-the-gut feeling that follows—you're likely going to feel powerless. Your most loved thing on the planet has been taken. Your means of getting around is now gone. Your faith in humankind has disappeared. What's left, but to curl up on the walkway and sit tight for the devastating despair to subside?

Don't Give Up

There are a lot of resources out there that can help, on the off chance that you spring into immediate action. Let's be realistic, nobody wants to have their bike stolen. So if the worst has happened, wait for the knot in the stomach to ease up, and let’s get cracking on getting your stolen bike back. Here are 8 tips to follow.

#1 Don't Get It Stolen in the First Place

It's an insane thought, not putting your beloved bike in a position to be stolen, yet shockingly effective. It's known as the "locking your bike like you want it to be there when you get back" method.

A greater part of bike thefts happen because the owner left his or her ride unattended and unlocked, or at least fastened to a deficiently secure object. It's crucial that you get into the habit of locking your bike in a smart way each time it’s out of arm's reach. Every. Single. Time. Yes, locking your bike may take an additional minute or two out of your commute, but beyond any doubt beats needing to walk the return trip.

Try not to hold back on your lock purchase and make sure that your lock comes from a trustworthy company. Just use a heavy-duty U-lock and lock the frame securely against a massive object using the chain, then lock the front wheel with the U-lock. 

Avoiding is the best medicine. Make sure you always lock your bike like you want it to be there when you get back.

#2 File a Police Report

As a matter of first importance, in case your bike has been stolen, we highly recommend heading straight onto the police station to report the theft. Know that this is not just to accelerate the process of getting your stolen bike back, but also should you need to male a claim with your insurance company, most have a limit from the incident, to when you have to report it.

How. Have an officer come and bring down the report, if you can, or go to the station with the information, including the bicycle's serial number, make, model, and photographs of the bicycle for the report. In the event that you have any video surveillance of the incident - or know there were cameras in the area include that information with the report.

Don't have your stolen bike's serial number? Stop reading this article and  locate your serial number, and write it down now. Find it on your bottom bracket when you flip your bike over. Here are a few different spots where it can be found depending on bike type. When you have your serial number, register your bicycle with Bike Index, safebikes.org, and any other local registries.

The first thing you need to do in case of a stolen bike is to file a police report.

#3 Spread the Word Online

Quickly spread news about your stolen bike far and wide all through your social networks. Just post a clear photo of your bike on Twitter and Facebook and get your friends to share your message. Obviously, the more eyes you have in the city searching for your bicycle, the more probable you are to find it. Meanwhile, bear in mind to write down your serial number.

Remember: Whether it’s online forums, social media or your blog, spread the word about your stolen bike. Keep in mind to incorporate pictures and in addition a nitty gritty depiction, requesting that loved ones share the post.

Spread the word on social media along with a photo of your stolen bike and get your friends to share your message.

#4 Search for CCTV Visibility

Clearly, you know the place where the bike was stole from, so why don’t you check whether there's CCTV covering that area? There’s a high probability that the theft has been caught on camera.

You may need to do some sweet talking to have a certain business give you a chance to see their CCTV, however in the event that you break it down for them, and tell them the times they are looking between, they might show some more willing.

Check whether there are CCTVs covering the area to get a sneak peek of the incident.

#5 Set Up Alerts

Google Alerts will trace posts which include your keyword search – useful should your bike find itself on Gumtree, eBay, Craigslist, or other online selling platform.

How. eBay let’s you create a saved search on the make and model of the bike, which will send you automatic daily mails for new bikes posted that match your model/make.

Gumtree sells a huge number of bikes. Obviously, some of them are stolen. With operations in Australia, Canada, US and lots of other places, the website offers you the possibility of settip up an email alert for new listings of bikes being sold. 

Set up alerts on Google Alerts, Ebay or other online selling platforms.

#6 Go for a Walk Around Your Area

Going out for a walk around your neighborhood is beneficial for two reasons. First, hopefully a walk will make that punched-in-the-gut feeling disappear. Secondly, it’s extremely likely the bike is still close by within the first 24 hours of it being stolen. Go to car-boot sales, flea markets, popular bike racks or local pawn shops in the neighborhood.

Walk around the neighborhood - it's likely the stolen bike is still close by within the first 24 hours.

#7 Keep an Eye Out in Your Local Area

Bike thieves will regularly try to sell the bike as quick as possible, and it’s not unusual for the bike to go through a few hands before somebody starts riding it again. This is why it’s not unusual for the bike to be found in the area that it was initially stolen from.

There's a high probability to find your stolen bike in the same area where it was taken from.

#8 Don’t Give Up Hope

You might be feeling as if you've lost hope in all of mankind, however there have been endless situations where stolen bikes have ended up back in the hands of their owners. Just go through all the steps from the above and elevate your chances of finding your stolen bike.

 Don't despair. You have all the chances to find your bike.

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