5 Of The Best Bike Storage Options

Numerous urban dwellers have dumped the gas guzzler for a more handy method for transportation – a bike. So you're sparing cash on gas, getting around the city all the more productively, however you're confronted with yet an another challenge. Where in the heck will you store your bicycle? Living downtown in that little apartment is extraordinary, however it doubtlessly lacks in the matter of storage room.

Thankfully there are a lot of space saving bicycle racks out there simply holding up to be mounted in your apartment. Most cyclists do, obviously, adore their bicycles – and there is absolutely no chance to store them outside unless there are actually no other choices. The need to keep the bike somewhere inside can be confusing for others, but you know the truth. Let's see some 5 cool bike storage options.

#1 The Clug

The Clug is one of the world's smallest bicycle racks. It’s a very tiny minimal way to hold you bike and you can choose from a variety of colours, to fit various wheel sizes. The Clug is sold in three versions - one for the standard road bike tires between 23 and 32mm, another one for hybrid tires between 32 and 42mm and the third one for big mountain bike tires, between 1.75 - 2.5 inch. This tiny bike storage option holds your bike in position by screwing into the wall. The bike can be with one of the wheels on the ground, or with both on the ground.

Why is this a good choice? It helps you save space and keep your place tidy. The Clug can be used almost everywhere.

 Discover the world's smallest bike rack. Seeking for efficient bike storage options? You've found the best!

#2 Saris Bike Rack - Ceiling Mount

In every apartment walls are extremely valuable, as is floor space – that’s why you can move your bike storage solution to the ceiling.

The Saris Bike storage solution offers 4 bike capacity, and has customizable wheel hooks for diverse wheel sizes. The space between every bicycle implies that you can actually handle one bike without affecting the others. In case you're sufficiently fortunate to have three or four bicycles in your collection, life can get easier: you can purchase an add-on for another 2 bikes.

Discover new ways to use your ceiling efficiently. Now you can mount your bike on the ceiling easily and fast with this item.

#3 Up and Away Hoist System

The vast majority who live in a city know that floor space is quite a problem. Storing things upward is perfect. With something as expansive as a bicycle, that may prove difficult and turn into an agony in the event that you require a ladder to bring your bicycle down every time you need to go for a ride. A roof mounted bicycle lift like the Up And Away Hoist System is a perfect answer for that problem. The rope-pulley framework keeps your bicycle secure and you get to use the plenty of space left. A securing clutch is to guarantee your bicycle remains where you put it, and it can easily hold up to 50kg (that is a considerable weight, even for a bicycle).

Two additional straps are incorporated in this bike storage bundle with the goal that additional things can be included, and everything needed to fix the framework in place are given, with guidelines. For £35.99, this is a really brilliant package.

Read more about some amazing bike storage options. With this rope pulley system you get even more storage in your apartment!

#4 Asgard Metal Bike Storage sheds

Metal Bike Storage sheds launched by Asgard have been investigated by a large group of cycling magazines – they got 4.5/5 from Road.CC – and it is not, I guarantee you, a simple deed.

We need to mention that this bike storage option is endorsed to insurance level one, with various locking features and pick safe locks. Not only weather damage is catered for, but also robbery is considered. The whole shed is fixed to keep the water from leaking in and no thief can get inside.

The price for Asgard bike storage item starts from £367 - with storage for one bicycle - to £1,199 (the biggest) for 8 bikes and additional workspace. There are also a lot of choices in between.

Discover new bike storage options. Find out more about bike sheds!

#5 Delta Cycle Michelangelo 2 Bike Wall Rack

Gravity racks are a mainstream method for storing bicycles in the apartment. The Michaelangelo 2 Bike Gravity Storage Rack is actually a stand built with a strengthened steel tube – the perfect bike storage option. It has an Art Deco configuration and a clean, beautiful look that is a suitable enhancement for every home. This wall rack gives you the ability to store maybe a couple bicycles while taking up the same measure of floor space. We can say that this item is incredible for the individuals who live with another biker. The price tag for this product is $80.

 Looking for classy bike storage options? Take a look here.

BONUS: Let’s see some classy bike racks

With technology going crazy and hundreds of inventions being released each and every year, classy things are becoming the new trend. Living in 2015 requires attention to details and uniqueness. How else can you be unique if not choosing creative storage options for your favourite bike?

Books, Shoes and… a Bike Shelf

This product of Switzerland offers you a tremendous bicycle rack while being a nice piece of furniture that also serves as a bookshelf. There is space for books, shoes, and truly whatever else you'd like to toss on there. More info here.

 Read more about the bike shelf. Find out how to keep your shoes, books and bike together, in a classy way.

Double Staircase Bike Storage

In case you're sufficiently fortunate to have yourself a set of stairs in your flat (not everybody does obviously), this could be an awesome DIY task to handle in your extra time. There is a lot of space to store 2 bikes under a normal set of stairs.

Take design to a whole new level with this kind of bike storage.

Do you want to use those stairs in your home efficiently? You can try this DIY task we've got here.


Unlike the bookshelf bicycle rack, this item uses a vertical design rather than a horizontal one, improving it for little spaces. The Bookbike was launched by BYografia, and can be easily adjusted to fit almost any bike, while as yet giving a lot of storage on the right hand side for your other possessions. This bike storage option is positionable at different heights and can be easily anchored to the wall. Easy to assemble, and you get instructions.

Discover amazing ways to store your bike inside the apartment. Be classy with these alternatives we've prepared for you!

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